Quality new life
Comfortable new height

Ten core functions, enjoy a comfortable life

  • Live water is hot

  • Four cleaning modes

  • Water purification

  • Automatic deodorization

  • Heating seat ring

  • Warm air drying

  • Cyclone flushing

  • Off-seat flushing

  • Intelligent night light

  • safety protection

  • Cyclone Powerful Flushing
    High-efficiency flushing

    Water gushes out of the side pipe and cycles down the inner wall of the smooth wall for several weeks before speeding up,
    Cooperate with the super-swirl siphon force of the water injection channel to suck the dirt away quickly.

    Fully Automatic Induction Off-seat Flushing

    Once a person leaves the seat ring, the flushing mode will be activated and the flushing can be carried out automatically.
    No contact and cleaner.
  • Automatic induction flushing

  • Remote flushing

  • Manual flushing

  • Live water is hot and ready to use

    Instant warm and hot water care, 4 temperature adjustable, warm and intimate.
    Enjoy comfort uninterruptedly.

    Four cleaning modes Clean as a newborn

  • Hip cleaning

    Sprinkler head can move forward and backward to expand cleaning range
  • Gentle woman wash

    Porous water, gentle care
  • Mobile cleaning

    Sprinkler head can move forward and backward to expand cleaning range
  • Sprinkler self-cleaning

    Automatic cleaning, clean and hygienic
  • Hydroelectric Separation Isolation of hydropower More stable quality

    Separation of water and electricity, more stable heating system. Eliminate your worries, please feel free to use it.
  • Electrical part

  • Water Parts

  • Comfortable life begins with cleanliness

    Every day, we begin with cleanliness and enjoy the purity of life

    Purified water filtration Water quality is clean and worry-free

    The purified water comes out of the filter cartridge and is double-layer filtered. Removal of impurities and other molecules.

    Automatic deodorization Reduce spatial odor

    Built-in activated carbon deodorization device, automatically start deodorization function after seating,
    the air is fresh and odorless.

    Heating seat ring
    Winter is also full of warmth.

    Induction heating seat, seat induction, even in winter can enjoy warm toilet.

    Warm air drying Keep dry and comfortable

    Warm and intimate,
    After washing, enjoy warm care and make a toilet that understands you.

    Seating induction Make comfort more reassuring

    Seat induction design, the machine will not start until the human body is seated.
    Avoid misoperation, safe and practical.

    Slow-down mute cover
    Give you an undisturbed tenderness

    Just a touch
    The cover plate will automatically slow down, so that you can not hear the chorus cleverly.

    More Human Design Unusual enjoyment

    Every detail design strives to conform to your usage habits and optimize your usage experience

    Night lamp lighting

    Lighting tips

    What you're worried about is what we're most concerned about
    Waterproof and electricity-proof Multiple Protection

  • Leakage protection

  • Overheat protection

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof

  • Safety Voltage